Linda asks:

Is there a way to download the Kindle version of “Prayers that Avail Much”, by Germaine Copeland on my Android tablet or phone? Please realize I am a senior citizen who needs simple explanations.

Hello Linda!

You can use the free Kindle (or Nook) apps on any Android tablet or phone, iPhone, or iPad, available in the Play store or App store. In order to download the book, you would need to purchase it through the Amazon store. Be certain you choose the Kindle version. You can even choose to deliver it to your Kindle device.

Then you can open it on your tablet or phone. If it is not in your library, you may need to download it first, but once downloaded, you can read it anywhere. Once you have the App installed on your devices, they will sync so that if you stop reading on one device, you can pick up in the same position on another.