So Facebook has changed the way your Feed displays yet again! It seems like every time I get used to it the way it is, they go and change it again! In frustration, I looked for an alternative. Not to Facebook entirely, but for something that could help me get the information I want out of my Facebook feed. I found LeFeed. 

It learns what you like, organizes your newsfeed, and then recommends new content to you. I’m giving it a try to see if I like it better than what Facebook is giving me. Before taking the plunge I suggest checking out the About and the How it Works page to see if it is something that you’ll actually use. 

It’s very easy to use. Just F-connect with your Facebook account.  Once you’re logged in and have authorized it to use your feed, manage your notifications, and what not, you’ll be given the option to set what LeFeed does for you. You can always change these settings later, I’m starting my experience by leaving it to the defaults. Uncheck anything you don’t want it to do, and then click Save. 

You’re then whisked away to your feed. At the top of the page you’ll see the notifications link, if you click it the notifications display in an easy to see manner, so that you can pick and choose what you want to check out. 

By default you’ll be on overview, the first time I was there this took sometime to load as it found all the data. You can check out what recommendations it has for you, or browse by specific content: link, photo, status, and video.

What I’ve liked so far about LeFeed is how easy it is to see the content I care about. And then how easy it is to share or like that content. You’ll notice three helpful links: go to story – this opens the story you want to view in a new window for easy viewing, share – this allows you to share the content you like quickly, and the + and – signs next to content that let you rank them up or down so that your feed starts to show you only what you want to see!

I hope if you check it out that you’ll like it, so far I’m loving it!  



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