Steampunk Easter Eggs

My love of quick crafts and anything Steampunk is known to those who follow my craft blogging. I put together a SteamPunkin centerpiece this fall, and am so darn in love with it, I keep trying to change it up for the seasons.  My Easter take – these gear-laden bronze eggs. 

I started out with some cheap and shiny plastic eggs. In retrospect I should have bothered to paint these with a shiny metal paint first. The paint they came with was not the most stable and stuck to my fingers anyplace I touched it with the glue. That explains the paint staining my hands. So, either paint the eggs yourself or be darn careful not get glue anywhere but where you want to glue. 

Lets start with shiny plastic eggs, a lovely pack of craft gears and some Super Glue.

Dot on the glue and carefully place the gear where you want it.

I tried to vary the placement of the gears.

I set them aside carefully to dry and kept on gluing.

Then I nestled then into my centerpiece.

Next year, perhaps I build a rabbit…Maybe a version of the Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit, as I’m a little obsessed with Alice In Wonderland.

To be continued…

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