Is Microsoft Stopping Support For Windows 8.1?

Rosie from Pennsylvania writes:

I just heard they are not going to give more updates for Windows 8.1???? I just got a new computer with it. At least I think it’s 8.1, it could be 8. Say this isn’t so, please! I am just getting used to it and really like it. I’m not young, so I don’t want to learn a lot more stuff for this.

 Microsoft is not stopping support for Windows 8.1. But they are requiring Windows 8 users to make the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 by January 12, 2016.

Microsoft is promising extended support for Windows 8.1 until 2023.  That’s in keeping with their promise to support Operating System for 10 years after they are released to the general public.

In this case, 8.1 is functioning much the way Service Packs did in previous versions of Windows.  In the past, Microsoft provided 24 months of support for the original OS or previous Service Pack version after release of a new Service Pack. And that’s what they are doing here.

If you are unsure which version of Windows you are running, search for This PC and click the icon.

Then right click on your main drive (usually C).

Choose properties.

This will let you know which version of Windows you are running.

If you do indeed have Windows 8, you can follow the instructions in this article to move to Windows 8.1. 

 There’s nothing to stress about, even if you need to upgrade to 8.1. The upgrade is free and pretty easy to accomplish. I’d advise anyone with Windows 8 to upgrade to 8.1 and also make the most recent upgrade offered by Microsoft. They feature some nifty new features that make 8.1 more user-friendly for those who had trouble getting accustomed to 8’s touch-friendly interface.

~ Cynthia

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  1. Not true on my pc with 8.1. Once you go to “Search” then “This PC” then rt click on main drive and choose “Properties”, the properties window does not provide the information you state. But, on the “This PC” page, there is line that reads “System Properties.” Key on that and you get the info less the version of 8.1. – Jim

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