Wearable Tech: How To Make Your Body A Computer

I’ll never forget when the first alpha numeric pagers came out back in the day. A hilarious but true story is how I was able to get my hands on one of these at a very young age and it only cost me $17.

I was shocked that MCI actually mailed me the thing. 

All I did was call the number on the commercial and then a few weeks later, boom! I had my own pager.

It was hilarious.

If you wanted to reach me and I wasn’t home (Which happened all the time because I was only 12, still in middle school.) all you had to do was call my pager number and tell the operator that answered whatever message you wanted to send me.

They would then send me the “alphanumeric” message and I would see it on my pager.


This made for all time memorable comedy for me and my friends as you can imagine.

I didn’t know it back then but this was basically the first wearable technology, but now over twenty years later I look at where we are today and I wonder where are we headed?

Well, the answer may sound weird but it’s clear that today, more people want to make their bodies computers.

If this describes you there are a few ways to get in on this trend:

 #1 – Google Glass

Back when I had my pager the only idea that anyone had about having a computer screen on your head was in movies like Terminator, Robocop, and Star Trek.

Today you can get your personal Sci-fi on if you’re one of the select beta testers of Google’s controversial and ground breaking product called Glass.

However, if you’re not one of the cool people you may not have to wait that much longer.

According to a report by Los Angeles Times writer Salvador Rodriguez, Google is set to launch Glass in the fall of 2014. Can we speculate it will be out by Christmas?

There are 4 new styles that have been released in the “Titanium collection”:

  • THIN
  • BOLD

I have to say they’re all pretty cool looking but my favorite is the shades:


Also, Google glass is now compatible with prescription glasses which will make the “head held” gadget that much more popular.

The price is also dropping.

According to Kevin C. Tofel for Gigaom the glass costs around $1,500 today and will sell for around $299 eventually.

Currently Google Glass doesn’t have a direct connection to the internet itself but it does support wireless tethering which will allow you to connect to the internet using your Android phone, sorry iphone.

 Tomorrow in part 2 of this article, we’ll look at more wearable tech.

~ Darnell


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  1. I suppose you can class a pager as wearable tech but if so then so is a wrist watch especially the ones with alarms etc. built into them. For that matter I guess my iPhone is too because I wear a case on my belt and the phone is in it. Of course I have to take the phone out of the case to use it but then unless you could bend really really well to the side you took your pager off to see what the message was.

  2. Thanks for reading MarkJ,

    Yeah the pager was the beginning of “communication” wearable technology I would agree the solar powered wrist watches could have been the start especially the ones with the calculator I wish I had one of those.

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