Windows 8.1.1 – What’s New

If you’ve got Windows 8.1, you’ll want to make sure to run the update for Windows 8.1.1.  It’s not a huge change, 8.1 still works the same way that it did before, but there are still some nice new features.

The biggest change:  Windows will now detect whether you are using a keyboard and mouse or a touchscreen and automatically boot up to the screen that works best with that device. Tablet users will go to the Metro/Modern user interface and keyboard users see the familiar desktop.

Users will also notice that the power button is now the top of the Modern/Metro screen. You’ll still have to choose settings to see it in the desktop mode.

 You will also see that the search icon is up at the top as well, making search just a click away for mouse users.


Windows apps will now feature the familiar X to close option. Just mouse over the top right corner to see it.

 You can now also pin Metro/Modern apps to the taskbar in the desktop mode. 


To pin, just click on the app on the start screen or in the all apps section and choose Pin to taskbar.


 ~ Cynthia


0 thoughts on “Windows 8.1.1 – What’s New

  1. Great timing with the Windows 8.1 update just done on my computer Sunday evening.

    Thanks for staying on top of everything for us.

  2. Thanks for the new info and all your other great tips. I did wonder why after the last update my computer boots to desktop mode. I like the new features but also like the tiles but I use a keyboard and mouse so is it possible to change or best just to use the windows key

  3. I am running windows 8.1. I went to windows update and can’t update to windows 8.1.1. Get message that system is updated. Why can’t I get windows 8.1.1?

    Thanks for your help.

  4. You make the statement, “There’s not a whole lot of difference between Windows 8 and 8.1”. I have to differ with you–there is a tremendous difference. The main difference, at least to me, is that 8.1 brings back the Desktop, so it can be used as in 7.

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