8.1 Upgrade Fears – Will It Cause Me Problems?

Tony from NYC writes:

I have Windows 8.  I should probably upgrade to 8.1, but I am wondering if I shall have a lot of trouble moving my files.  I recently purchased my computer with Windows 8 on it and it took 11 days for Carbonite to move my files!  Also, Apple had a difficult time moving my music filed to the iTunes on the Windows 8 computer?

Robert from WV writes:

If I update from window 8 to window 8.1, will I lose any file folders and apps on start screen plus the stuff I save from website  to the start screen? Will I lose anything on desktop  . I bet other are thinking the same way. We are scared to update because we might lose lot of stuff if we update.

No need to worry Robert and Tony. An update from 8 to 8.1  does not involve moving any files and should not affect the files saved on your computer. Your programs and apps will not be overwritten and your music and documents will not be affected.

Think of the 8.1 update more like Service Pack updates in previous Windows versions.  It’s a large update, but it won’t make major changes to your computer. I detailed the process of upgrading to 8.1 in this article.

~ Cynthia

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  1. I too was worried about upgrading to 8.1. but it was simple even for an OAP and as Steve says did not affect my files

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