Horsefern from Canada writes:

Loved your article on the Photos app! However (isn’t there ALWAYS a “however”?!) I was interested in taking a photo/photos from the Photos storage “bin” and attaching it/them to an email.  How’d I do that? Or is that in Photos Part Two?

Glad you enjoyed the first tutorial on the Windows Photo App.

Here’s how to easily attach a photo to an e-mail in the Photos app.  If you are viewing the photo just swipe from the right or click to the upper right to bring out the charms bar.


Choose the Share charm.


Then select Mail.

Your default Mail app will open with that photo attached to a message. To select multiple photos, either swipe down or right-click to select.

 Once you have selected all the photos you wish to share, choose the share charm and select Mail.


All of the photos you selected will now be attached to that e-mail.


Of course, you can still attach the files to any e-mail client or web e-mail by simply selecting the attach option in a message.


Then choosing the photos you wish to share from the pictures file.


~ Cynthia