The Firefox browser is getting a new look with Firefox 29.  The change is aimed at making sure the browser has the same look across all platforms, whether it be a desktop, tablet or phone interface.

Mozilla says this is the most customizable Firefox ever and tosses around current buzzwords such as elegant and powerful.  What users will probably notice first is the new interface. 


Like newer versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer and many mobile apps, Firefox now has that little three line icon to indicate the menu in the upper-right. In fact, everything has moved to the right side of the page.

Click than menu and you’ll see that all of your Firefox choices are now bundled together in this one spot.

Click the customize tool and you’ll be able to add or remove any feature, service or add-on from one place.

Users will be able to manually drag and drop these items.

The new tab page will allow users to pin their frequently used pages by right-clicking on any tab and selecting “pin tab.”

Speaking of tabs, they now have a new rounded look that Mozilla calls “elegant.”

The new look is designed to be more touch-friendly with larger buttons for ease of use on tablets and mobile.

Users will be able to bookmark a page now with a single click.

Another feature will be improved social integration. Users who enable Firefox Share can add the services they wish to follow such as Facebook . You’ll be able to share pages with friends without leaving the site you are visiting.

This is a step forward in Mozilla’s quest to have Firefox be the platform to which you add applications and games instead of purchasing individual software and apps.  The company is very eager to push FireFox Sync which gives you one account to log in across Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.  Logging into Sync gives you access to history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data from all of your devices.

~ Cynthia