Edit With Windows 8.1 Photos App: Part 2

In part one of this article we covered some of the basics of photo editing in the Windows 8.1 Photos App.

Today we’ll look at even more editing options for retouching your photos. If you aren’t familiar with this app, make sure you read the first part of this article. If you’ve already read it, let’s move on more of your editing options for photos.

Select Basic fixes from the menu at the left.

On the right, you’ll see a menu with several options: We’re already covered Rotate and Crop. There are also options to Straighten, remove Red eye and Retouch.

Straighten will allow you finer control over adjusting the position of the photo. Just select straighten and a control will open. Adjust the angle by either pressing down and moving around the circle with your finger or stylus or by clicking and dragging with your mouse.

Red eye lets you take care of unwanted red eyes in photos. Just tap or click on it, then tap or click again over the eyes in the photos you wish to correct. Retouch is a simple clone tool. Just tap or click on an area of the photo and it will copy that area and past it over the next portion of the photo that you tap or click.

Next we have the adjustments for light.

On the right, you’ll see a menu with options to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows.

To make any of these adjustments, either press down or click on the adjustment you want to perform. You either move the circle with your finger or the mouse to to change your photo.

Take some time to play around with contrast, highlights and shadows and see what these small changes can do for your images.

We’ve still got a lot more to cover. In part 3, we’ll go over color and special effects that you can apply to punch up your pictures. 

~ Cynthia

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