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In the wake of the discovery of a major security flaw in Internet Explorer, Microsoft issued an advisory on how to make the browser more secure. While most experts suggested not using IE in favor of Chrome or Firefox until the hole was patched, the security suggestion from Microsoft are actually a good idea, even without a major threat looming.

If you have Internet Explorer 10 or 11 and are using a 64-bit system. You can activate Enhanced Protected Mode. Enhanced protected Mode will restrict Internet Explorer’s access to files that have your personal information.  Here’s how to enable it in the desktop versions of Internet Explorer.  If you are running the Metro App of IE, it is already enabled.

This is only available for IE 10 and 11.  Open Internet Explorer and select the gear icon in the upper right. Choose Internet Options from the drop-down menu.

Select the Advanced tab.

Scroll down to the Security section and check Enable enhanced protected mode.

If you are running Internet Explorer 11, make sure that you also check Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected mode.

Choose Apply and restart your computer.

Another step is to choose gear icon again and then select Safety. Put a check beside Active X filtering. 

Now this could cause you some issues with shopping online and banking. Many sites do use  Active X controls for their forms. But could always just turn the filtering off if you are using a trusted site.

We can also return to Internet Options again and this time choose the Security tab. Use the slider bar to change the settings to High security. This blocks Active X controls and active scripting and can prevent an attacker from gaining control of your system. Again, the downside to this is that some sites may not work well. But if you are on a trusted site, you can always lower the security settings in just a couple of clicks.

 Now, you can add sites that you trust implicitly to Trusted Sites. Go to Internet options, choose the Security tab and select Trusted sites.

 Then you can add the address of sites you trust and want to have lower security settings.

 Just a few changes can really beef up your IE security.

~ Cynthia

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