Edit Photos With Windows 8.1 Photos App: Part 3

In parts one   and two of this article we covered some of the basics of photo editing in the Windows 8.1 Photos App.  If you haven’t checked out those articles yet, look them over so you can get up to speed on this useful app included with Windows 8.1

In part 3, we’re going to look at your options for adjusting color and applying a couple of effects.

Let’s start with your Color options. Choose Color from the menu at the left side of the screen.

On the right,  you will have the options to adjust Temperature, Tint, Saturation or to Color Enhance.

To adjust any of these settings, just hold down and move your finger or stylus around the circle or click with a mouse and drag the pointer around the circle.

Adjusting the temperature will make your photo appear warmer or cooler. Adjusting it warmer makes the image look more yellow and cooler will give a bit of a bluish cast. If you’ve taken a photo under a fluorescent light and it looks a bit blue, warming it up is a good way to correct this.

The tint adjustment works in much the same way.  This is a good way to correct any off-looking colors that might in a picture or to jazz  up a photo. Tint adjusts the green and magenta in a photo. Pulling it all the way down will make a photo look quite greenish and all the way up will give you a purple/red hue.

Saturation controls the intensity of the colors in an image. Turning it up can make a photo appear a bit more vibrant and cranking it down can remove the color and turn the photo to black and white.

Color enhance is a neat little feature. Select it and then pick a single color in your photo to enhance. Here I selected purple.


If I turn up the purple, it becomes more vibrant, but the rest of the colors in the photos remain unchanged.

 Next, we will check out our options when we select effects:

On the right, you can choose either Vignette or Selective focus.

Vignette allows you to either darken or lighten the corners of images.  Darkening or lightening the outer edges makes the subject in the center stand out more.

Selective focus allows you to put the spotlight on one part of the photo and blur the the rest. You have to option to control the strength of the blur.

I hope this series of articles helps you navigate the edit functions of the Windows 8.1 Photos app a bit better. It really has a lot of neat features once, you get used to it. If you have a touchscreen device, it is especially nice to be able to edit easily with the touch of a finger or stylus.

Have fun exploring the app.

~ Cynthia

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