Facebook Will Let You Login Anonymously To Apps

Facebook has unveiled Anonymous Login – a way to use Facebook to log into apps without using any of your personal information from Facebook.  Users will be able to use Anonymous Login and give no personal information from Facebook or choose a new version of Facebook Login that gives you the option to choose which information you want to share.

At first Anonymous Login will only be available with a few developers, but Facebook says it plans to open it up to more developers in the next few months.

The company says that users took advantage of Facebook Login over 10 billion times in the last year. The new version of Login gives users greater control by allowing them uncheck categories of information they don’t wish to share with an app. The example Facebook gives is choosing to share your e-mail address, but not your birthday.

This new login will not post without your permission, which should cut down on unwanted game requests that turn up on friends’ feeds.


The company says they are also going to put current and new Facebook apps under a microscope just to make sure that they aren’t asking for information they don’t really need or posting to feeds without the user’s consent.

The app control panel is also getting a new look that should make it easier to keep track of the Facebook apps you use and to manage the permissions.


These changes are aimed at addressing the privacy concerns expressed by many Facebook users.

~ Cynthia

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