Google Offers Docs, Sheets & Slides As Stand-alone Apps

Google is making its popular Docs, Sheets and Slides programs available as separate apps for your tablet or phone. Previously, they were only available as part of the Google Drive App.

The company says that while cloud-based Drive is still very important, they wanted to make it quicker and easier for people to find and create documents. For those not familiar with the line of products, Docs is a word processing program like Microsoft Word, Sheets is a spreadsheet similar to Excel and Slide is a presentation program much like PowerPoint.

Unlike traditional programs that you download and install on a PC, they are designed be used online with a browser with storage done in the cloud. The basic version of Google Drive is free to those with a Google Account.

The Google Drive mobile app has been available for awhile, but now Google is breaking the service up into separate apps that will allow to get straight to word processing or making a spreadsheet without needing to navigate the drive.

Another feature is that when you open the apps, you’ll see the most recently edited. That could mean less time is spent on searching.

These apps will also come with built-in offline support – so you can work on a project even though you aren’t connected to the Internet at that particular moment. If you are currently using the Google Drive app, you’ll get a reminder that the separate apps are now available for download.

Apple and Android users can download the apps in the their app stores and PC users can check it out at this link

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