Meet The Menu Icon

Meet the menu icon. It is usually made up of three straight lines and this little guy can help you get things done in a lot of situations.

You’ll find the menu icon on the latest versions of popular browsers.  Here it is on Firefox 29 – where it gives you options like New Window, Print and History:

In Google Chrome, you’ll pull up options like Recent Tabs and Edit.

You’ll might also find the menu icon on your phone. On my Android phone, selecting it from the home screen pulls options to add apps and widgets, create a folder and set wallpapers.

You’ll also find the menu option in many apps for your phone or tablet. In the Facebook mobile app, it offers options for  Places, events, friend, managing pages and more.

In the IMDB app you get can search for Movies & TV and other features related to that app.

The features offered will depend on the device and the app or program – but if you’re wondering how to do a task in a browser or on a tablet or phone, the menu icon is a great place to look for it.

~ Cynthia

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