Tablet Trouble: What Should I Buy?

Pat from West Seneca, NY writes:

Hi: I am having trouble with the purchase of a tablet.  I bought one that is nice but when I began to use it, I found out much to my dismay it doesn’t support Adobe Flash Player.  Well okay,I started to look into another maker, the Microsoft Surface RT.  8.1.  This one went back in 3 hrs.  You couldn’t Download Firefox or Chrome.  Little or nothing as far as game apps.   Now to my question.  Are all makers using the 8.1 RT OS the same.  You cannot use Firefox or Chrome, or use Google Play Store.  Knowing this would save me a lot of time and trouble.

Pat, I think your issues is that you may be trying to mix your operating systems and are not looking for the tablet that does what you need. No Android tablet or iPad supports Flash Player. If you want Flash, you’ll need to go with a Windows tablet.

Now if you purchase a Windows tablet (or an iPad), you won’t have the Google Play Store App – that app is only for Android tablets. The programs available from there wouldn’t work on any other kind of tablet.

Firefox is still testing an app for Windows RT, but it’s not available and Google (the makers of Chrome) like to ignore Windows tablets. But I think your issue is that you tried the Windows RT tablet. While I enjoy my Surface Pro tablet – I do not suggest the RT operating system. For a few dollars more, you can purchase a tablet that runs the full version of 8.1 That means you can run Flashplayer and visit download the desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox to use. 

Since Microsoft is licensing Windows 8.1 for free on devices smaller that 9 inches, you can get some great deals of full versions of Windows  8.1 tablet. My suggestion for you is to try out a Surface Pro (the more expensive option. But it is a full 8.1 computer) or a one of the 8.1 tablets such  such as the Dell Venue Pro, which can be found for just a little over $200 if you shop around.

~ Cynthia

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