Automatically Changing Wallpaper on Windows 8

Robert from West Virginia asks:

Is there a way you can have your wallpaper change, for example, every 3 minutes or so. I think there was a long time ago on Windows XP but I have Windows 8.

Hi Robert,

You can set up your wallpaper to change at certain intervals pretty easily on Windows 8. Start by right clicking on a blank space on your desktop. When the menu pops up, click on Personalize at the bottom. This will bring up the Personalization screen.

You can then click on one of the built in themes if you like those choices, and they will change automatically. If you want to use your own folder, first click on Desktop background at the bottom of the screen. Then, beside Picture location at the top, click on Browse…  You can then navigate to the folder you’d like to pull the pictures from.

At the bottom of the same screen, you can change how long you’d like the pictures to stay before changing. You can also tell it to shuffle through the pictures randomly as well as specify how it will fit in the window.

This will allow the background to automatically change at your chosen intervals and settings.

– Audra



3 thoughts on “Automatically Changing Wallpaper on Windows 8

  1. That’s all well and good if you have WindowsH8 but if you don’t I like to use a program called John’s Background Switcher. It’s free but please send him a donation! He works very hard to keep it updated and he personally answers email questions. It’s program I have had on every computer I’ve owned!

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