iOS – LED Flash for Alerts

My poor dad. He’s been forcefully integrated into the iPhone flock by my mom, and now he’s got the equivalent of a 1990’s supercomputer clipped to his belt with little-to-no idea of how to use it. 

He can’t even tell when the darn thing is ringing, let alone check the stock market. Thankfully, however, Apple’s got him (and you) covered, and in just a few quick swipes, you too can set your iPhone’s LED to flash whenever a call or notification comes in. 

Here’s how:

Tap Settings>General>Accessibility

There’s plenty of useful stuff we’ll get into another time, but for right now, swipe down to the Hearing heading, and toggle the LED Flash for Alerts switch, so it’s green – see below.

Now enjoy the (slightly alarming) pulse of LED light every time someone calls, or texts. keep in mind, this is pretty intense, so if you want to turn it off, just follow the above steps and toggle the switch so it’s not green anymore. 

Take care, and have fun!


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