ADT Brings Personal Security To Your Mobile Device

Home security company ADT is expanding beyond burglar alarms to partner with Life360 and introduce family safety services on mobile devices.

The first development from the partnership is expected to a new mobile app that combines elements of ADT’s existing Chaperone product into an app that will offer users direct access to ADT’s monitoring centers.

The product will also act as a “chaperone” for children walking home from school, sending updates about the child’s current location and notifying parents when they reach their destination.

The app will also do things like automatically arm a home security system when no family members are at home.  The app is expected to be available at the end of 2014. The app itself will be free, but the services will only be available with an ADT security plan. 

The company already offers an app that will not only set alarms, but adjust thermostats as well as control appliances and lighting and lock and unlock your doors to let specific individuals into your house as well as medical alert services.

As consumers use more and more mobile technology, control of security and monitoring systems is switching from keypads in the home to apps on their mobile devices.

~ Cynthia

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  1. This is quite awesome. Timely, as mobile phones are part of our everyday life now. Like almost everybody has it. This feature definitely will be of great help!

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