You don’t have to master Photoshop in order to know how to edit your photos and make them look better. I selected some basic tips and techniques for you, which you can easily apply to your photos and make them more vibrant, appealing and beautiful! In part 1 of this article, we covered blur & overlay, monochrome, image sharpening, photo filters and vibrance. In part 2 we’ll go over 5 more tips to make your photos better in a flash.

6. Spot Healing Brush Tool

This is an amazing tool for editing portrait photos. This is how you can make any skin imprefections disappear in just seconds! Select the Spot Healing Brush tool and adjust its size. Alt-click on the reference area and then click on the spot you want to heal. 

spot healing brush tool

7. Dodge Tool

This is a great tool you can easily use for whitening teeth, eyes and other areas. Just select the Dodge tool from the sidebar and use it as you would normally use a brush. You can adjust its size and its exposure from the bar above. 

dodge tool

8. Burn Tool

This is the opposite of the Dodge tool. If you want to darken a spot or an area, this is the easiest tool you can use. Select the Burn tool from the same place you selected the Dodge tool. Adjust its size and darken the areas you want. I usually use this to darken the corners of a photo to make it look more dramatic. Make sure you don’t overdo it!

9. Selective Color Tool

This is a great tool you can use if you want to change colors (like I did in this tutorial: 3 Ways to Easily Change Colors in Photoshop) or to enhance existing colors in your photos. I use this a lot when editing landscape photos. You can make the green look greener and the sky even more vibrant and beautiful. Select Image > Adjustments > Selective Color. Now select the color you want to change and drag the sliders. For example, select Greens and increase the Yellow, Black and Cyan colors. You can do the same with other colors too. 

selective color tool

10. Crop Tool

This may be one of the most important tools. You can easily use this by hitting “C” on your keyboard. Crop the images, but keep in mind that you should maintain their proportions as much as you can. 

Hope you’ll apply these smart and easy Photoshop tips and make your photos look better! 

~Ruxandra Micu