I’ve written tips before about Paint and the Photo App in Windows 8.1. To continue that tradition of exploring features you may not even know you have on your device, let’s look at the built-in editor for your photo gallery in Android.  The screenshots in this article were taken on a Galaxy S4 running Kit-Kat. The appearance of Android settings vary from device to device, so your screens may look a little different. The functions should be pretty much the same.

Let’s start by going to the photo gallery where all of the pictures and screenshots you take with your phone are displayed.

Select the photo you wish to edit by tapping it.

Now tap the menu button on your device.  If you aren’t familiar with the menu icon, it looks like this:

 Choose Edit from the menu that opens.

You’ll see options for Rotate, Crop, Color and Effect

Tapping rotate will give you options to rotate horizontally and vertically as well as flip the image.

 Choosing crop will give you preset crops or you can manually choose the crop by touching and dragging the edges of your selection.

Tap Color and you will see options for Brightness, Saturation and Contrast. Tap the image above the name of the function to perform.

You’ll see a slider bar. Tap the round handle and drag it to adjust the settings. In the image below, I’m boosting the color saturation to show off the colors in the cat’s fur.

Scroll over and you will see additional color options to Adjust RGB, Temperature, Exposure and Hue.

Tap Effects and you’ll have the choice of a variety of filters.  A preview of the effect applied to your image will be visible above the name of the effect. The filters include color adjustments, vintage effects, blurs and glows.

As well as more dramatic options like sketch or cartoon.

To save the image, just tap the save icon.

As with any image editing program, the best way to learn it is just to explore.  Have fun.

~ Cynthia