Meme- Generator: Free Fun To Share On Windows 8.1

If you’re online much at all, especially if you use social media like Facebook, you probably see quite a few Internet memes every single day.  The term meme means something like a joke, expression or fable that travels through a culture. Internet memes are most often images with a saying or joke attached that go viral on the Internet. Viral means they gain in popularity being transmitted user to user as opposed to something that become well-known through a large advertising campaign.

An example would be the photo of American gymnast McKayla Maroney’s disapponted expression after winning a silver medal at the London Olympics.

Users added their own captions and the Mckayla Is Not Impressed meme was born.

If you have Windows 8.1, there’s a free and fun app you can use to play around and create your own Internet memes to share with your friends. To get Meme-Generator, just click or tap the Windows store icon.

Search Meme Generator in the store and tap or click the install button to download the free app.


Once installed, Meme Generator allows you to choose from more than 200 templates by tapping or clicking the image.

Once the image is selected, you type the next you’d like to see over the image into the text box. You can type text to display at the top and bottom of the image.  There really aren’t any options with the text other than to adjust the size.

 What you type in the box will instantly appear on the screen.

Once you are satisfied with your creation, you can swipe up or click at the bottom to bring up options to save or share.

The Share option allow you to post to Facebook or send via e-mail.

You can also create memes using your own photos. Just choose Create Your Own.

Then you can browse on your computer to select an image.

You can then add text and save or share.

This free app does feature ads. If the ads bother you, you can spend 99 cents to purchase the ad-free version.

Have fun playing with it. Now I’m off to work on turning my kitty into the next Grumpy Cat.

~ Cynthia


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  1. Looks like a cool app. Is there a version we Luddites still using Win7 (or even [shudder] WinXP!) can use to make memes on our home PCs?

  2. funcapsmatic super meme generator app for windows 8.1 seems to be the most featured meme generator app for windows 8.1 platform

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