Starting with Windows 7, Microsoft has built in Family Safety settings to Windows. This allows you to create an account especially for children who use your computer. You can modify settings for their use and even receive weekly reports of their activity.

 Make sure you have created a new account on your computer for the child to use. (It’s always a good idea for each user on a computer to have their own account.) After you have created the account, in Windows 7, start by going to Control Panel, and under User Accounts and Family safety, click on Set up parental controls for any user. Click on the user you would like to assign parental controls to, and the following screen will pop up.


Here you can change the options of the child’s account, including time limits and blocking programs.

To create a child account in Windows 8, you need to go PC Settings . Click on Accounts, then other accounts on the left of the screen.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see Create a Child’s Account.

If your child has an email address, you can have them log in with their email. This will require you to set up a Microsoft account using their email and create a password. Otherwise, at the bottom of the screen, click on Add a child’s account without email.

If you choose this option, you will need to create a user name for the child to log in with.  A password is optional. Once you enter this information, it will confirm the account.


 After the account is created, it can also be used on multiple devices with the same settings. To modify the Family settings even more, go back to the Control Panel and click on Set up Family Safety for any user, again under User Accounts and Family Safety. In the middle, you will see Manage Settings on the Family Safety website.

When you click, you may be asked to log in to your Microsoft account. Once logged in, you will see all of the child accounts attached to your main account. You will also see your linked devices. You can add or remove any devices your account is linked to for the child accounts. Click on one of the accounts and you will see the following window.

As you can see, you can adjust a lot of settings to restrict the child’s use of the computer. It also allows for you to view requests from the child for websites, apps, or games that may be blocked.

– Audra