Flickr: Safeguard Your Photos and Privacy

A lot of people have become trigger-happy these days, not realizing that their photographs could be misused. They could land up on pornography websites or used for commercial purposes. But we don’t give a thought to this and happily upload on Flickr.

But now that you are aware of this worse-case scenario, here are ways to stop becoming  paranoid on Flickr.


1. Login to your Flickr account.

2. Click on ‘You’ and further click on ‘Organizer’ in the scroll down window.

3. You could hide all your photos by clicking on ‘select all’ and dragging all the images into the empty window above. 


4. Then go to ‘Permissions’, and click on ‘Who can see, comment, tag?’ and click on either ‘Only  you’ or ‘Your friends’ or ‘Your family’. This way, you can ensure that only your close ones will have access to your personal photos. If anyone else goes to your Flickr homepage, it will say ‘xxx doesn’t have anything available to you’.


5. However, if you upload any new images, they will be seen by all — this is by Flickr default. To change this default, you have to go to Settings/Privacy & Permissions/Defaults for new downloads/Who will be able to see…/ and change it to either of the following: Only You/Your friends/Your Family


Happy photo sharing with your near and dear ones!

~ Zahid H Javali



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