Can I Use My Sprint iPhone With Straight Talk?

Janet from Patton, MO writes:

So many different answers about this question Please help!!! Can I use an Iphone 4s from Sprint on straight talk? It has a clean esn, I bought from my granddaughter!!

The definitive place to get that answer would be from Straight Talk. But the answer in this case is most likely no. It sounds like your phone is CDMA or locked phone from Sprint. What that means is that phone will only function on the Sprint Network. The initial price of the iPhone is reduced by hundreds of dollars when you buy a locked phone, because companies like Sprint  expect to make money on your phone contract as opposed to the hardware.  For example, the iPhone 5s costs $199.99 with a 2-year service contract from Sprint. An unlocked iPhone 5s can run you around $800.

If you contact Sprint, they will likely tell you they won’t unlock the phone for use on other carriers. But I have seen reports from people who say that Straight Talk can get the phones to work by creating a virtual network.  Here’s where you should go to find out in just a few minutes. Go to the Straight Talk help page here. 

Then click on the LiveHelp button  on the right to talk with an Agent. Someone should be with you in just a few seconds and he or she will be able to verify if it’s possible to get your phone activated.

No matter how many different answers you hear, the only one that matters is the one from the phone provider in this case.

~ Cynthia

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    1. The advice is the article still stands, contact Straight Talk – they’ll be able to give you the details about your particular phone.

  1. If I have a Sprint iPhone 5, could it be switched to the carrier of the Straight Talk service? I need a quick response please.

  2. i have a sprint iphone 6 plus and want to know whether it will work with straight talk cause ive seen websites were it say you can with the byop(bring your own phone)kit and it apparently works .

  3. Straught talk has a CDMA unlock code for a dollar, buy that and follow the instructions, next get the activation kit, and then add your monthly plan card. Simple. Or dial *2 to contact sprint care on your sprint phone, and request a cdma unlock code, and if you meet the requirements, the code will be given to you. After that I am not sure if you go to a sprint store if you can do it yourself.

  4. I went in to speak to a representative who called Straight Talk directly and this is what they told me, if you have a “Sprint IPHONE 5S, or newer,” you cannot switch to another carrier like ATT. However you can use your phone to still stay with sprint and get on with straight talk.

  5. I would stay from this company I bought my grand daughter a phone & they have given me problems , it’s lots of problems but no help it’s like they don’t care to help beware

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