Personalize Your E-mail With A Signature

Catherine from Arizona writes:

Hi all of you helpful people! I have Windows 7 and use Hotmail. How can I enter a quote or two at the end of my emails without having to type it each time? I do not want to do it in attachment form. Thank you so much.

¬†You don’t say if you are using an e-mail client or not, but I can show you how to do this at (the new name for Hotmail) or on the Outlook e-mail client and Windows Mail. What you want to do is add an e-mail signature to your messages.

For, select the gear symbol in the upper right and choose options from the drop-down menu.

On the Options page, you’ll want to scroll down about half-way and choose Formatting, font and signature under Writing email.

Go to Personal signature and type how you’d like to close each e-mail in the text box. You can choose the which font you wish to use as well as the size and color. Then choose OK.

When you create a new message, the quote or quotes will be included at the end of the message.

If you are using the Mail e-mail client on your computer, go to the drop-down arrow in the upper-left of the inbox and choose Options, then Mail from the menu.

When the Mail options window opens, choose the signatures tab and then click New to add a new signature.

Type in the quote you wish to use and select Apply.

For the Outlook Mail client, you’ll need to open a new message and choose Signature from the ribbon.

Under Signatures and Stationery, choose the E-mail Signature tab and New.

Choose a name for this signature and click OK.

Compose your signature. You can also choose to apply it only to messages from one particular account, only to new messages and to replies and forwards. You can also create different signatures for replies and forwards and alternate signatures depending on the e-mail account you are using. Then select, OK.

Now you should be able to share your favorite quotes.

~ Cynthia

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