Story Jumper

Did you see the amazing response to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter? It makes me so proud that there are so many people out there whose lives have been touched by the program that it was completely funded in just 11 hours, and that since then it has almost tripled its goal. I think this shows how passionate people are about encouraging literacy for all children.

So what does that have to do with today’s site? Mostly, I’m just really proud of their effort, but also today’s site is about getting kids both reading and creating stories.In my experience, I’ve found that kids like to tell stories. Reading helps to stretch their imaginations and today’s site offers them a platform to do both! It’s also another initiative that is available to classrooms like Reading Rainbow will be in the future.

When you arrive you have several options: you can check out the summer reading program where kids can earn prizes for reading books on the site in June, July, and August, you could click the Start Creating button and have your kids create a story, or you can check out the free sign up links for teachers and parents.

At the top of the page, the yellow Help button will whisk you to very thorough FAQ that includes information about the site, how to create the books with step by step instructions, and so much more!

I think this site is a great summer resource for kids that will not only get them to read, but also to create their own stories!


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