When you live in a house that is over 100 years old things need fixed all the time. Unfortunately for my wallet, I’m not skilled at most home repairs. I can patch dry wall and paint, wire an electrical outlet, but that’s about the extent of my handiness around the house for home repairs. When a home repair crops up the first problem I typically have is knowing how much it should cost to fix said problem. That’s where this site steps in. 

Pro offers estimates for home repairs based on the going price in your area. I started my visit to this site by checking out their About page.  I wanted to know what they were about and what exactly they were offering. It turns out they  offer an easy way to research, match, background check, and schedule home repairs. 

If you have a specific question about how the site works be sure to check out their handy FAQ

After checking out their About page, I went back to the main page and scrolled down taking in all the featured information. Then I tried out the estimator. 

You can get an instant prestimate by filling in up to five items on your to-do list. I entered the following: front porch step repair, clean gutters, install door lock, repair wood flooring, and pressure wash driveway. After you’ve added all your items to the list, click the Instant Estimate button. It will then ask for your zip code, after entering it, click the Show Prestimate button.

It will then load your modifiable list. What happens here is that they match your item to how it is listed in the database. So instead of Install Door Lock, it changed to Repair or Service Door Lock. You’ll also notice that there are sliders between the job name and the estimate that allow you to change the project along a continuum between simple and complex. It also explains what that means for that specific job.

It may also ask you to add information. For example, for my entry Pressure Wash Driveway, it changed the title to Pressure Wash Exterior Surface, and then provided me with a drop down box where I could select the surface I want cleaned. And instead offering a prestimate it informed me that more information was needed in the cost column.

After you’ve made your adjustments to your list, you can save the list or click the Find a Pro button.   If Certified Pro service isn’t available in your area yet, you can still get a Free Pro Report –  I know because that’s what is available in my area.  If there are certified pros in your area, you can schedule one online!

I’m mostly using this to get an idea of what these repairs will cost, so that I can save for them and have a ballpark estimate when I talk to whoever we hire to service them.


~ Amanda