One of the nicest features of Word 2013 is the variety of templates available for sprucing up documents. One of the templates that I particularly like is the one for a basic school report. Growing up in the day when we had to hand write or type reports on a typewriter, I would have loved to had something like this available.

When you open up Word 2013, a choice of templates is right there next to the options to create a blank document.

There are a variety of templates available and you can also search for more online. Today, let’s just select the template for school report.

When you click or tap it, the option to create a new one will come up.

Once the report opens you can begin to customize the look and text. Just click on the Report Title to change it to the text you’d like and adjust the layout.

 Click on the image to change it to one from your files, an image from Bing Search or Word clip art.

Here I’ve changed the photo and the text. There’s also a spot to type in class and teacher information.

The text gives you a walk through of how to customize the document. You can click on any part of the template to customize. Take the smart graphic for example:

I can click on any part of the image to change the shapes, text and color.

Here I changed the text:

And when I click on the shape, I can have a wide selection of other shapes to choose from. I can also adjust colors.

Clicking on any image gives me a chance to change it using one from files, an image from Bing Image search or my OneDrive or selection something from Clip Art.

You can also search Clip Art for the types of images you want.

Now the image and the graphic have been changed for this particular report.

The text already in the template offers step-by-step instructions for adding things like a bibliography or table of contents.

Following the instructions, I can select References and then Table of Contents and choose from the styles available or look for more styles online.

 Then the selected table of contents will be inserted into the document.

As I write this article, most U.S. schools are on summer break. This would be a great time for students to play around with this template and learn how to navigate it before a report is actually due in class.

We’ll look at other templates in future articles.

~ Cynthia