The Best of E3 2014

So you didn’t have the $795 for tickets to attend the 2014 E3 conference?

Well, here’s what you missed at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 for short is basically the “World Cup” of all things gaming if you didn’t know and here’s who just might steal the show:



Playstation is not “playing around” in 2014.  

Two days before the event on June 9th, Sony held  a HUGE one-of-a-kind press conference that was simulcast in more than 40 movie theaters.

Why the big deal?

Rumor had it that they would finally launch “Project Morpheus“,  Sony’s play at revolutionizing the virtual reality gaming market with a hardware add-on for the PlayStation4 console.  There was a cursory mention of the headset, but no real details at the press press conference.

 Sony  did announce the release of several new titles such as Battlefield Hardline, DriveClub, and The Order.

However, everyone’s eyes were on this new virtual reality thing-a-ma-bob.

Here’s a picture of what it looks like:




Said that they’re NOT holding a press conference for this years E3 and they’re NOT planning to launch or announce a new gaming console or hardware device either.

With SONY blowing the roof off the event with their over the top press conference I would agree that NINTENDO doesn’t need to compete there.

However, their consistent and emphatic denial of having any plans to release new hardware have only made the rumors worse.

Even though we know that new versions of Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire are coming.

Gamers still can’t get enough of talking about some mysterious new hardware that’s on the horizon.

They’re not satisfied with new versions of Legend of Zelda, Baonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Party U, Yarn Yoshi, and Star Fox U.

In fact they’re so passionate about this idea that they’ve even come up with their own mock ups.  Here’s a pic from metrouk2:

Maybe the new Nintendo console or maybe not.


Electronic Arts (EA)

EA held a BIG press conference event on June 9th to kickoff E3 2014.

The EA press conference was broadcast on Spike TV’s E3 All Access program and  streamed on their website and a few of their partners sites. 

Also, they’ve confirmed that they will be releasing at least six new titles of which Battlefield Hardline has been confirmed.

Check out the trailer


 ~ Darnell

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