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Noel writes:

My grandsons have tablets and cannot receive videos. How can they buy an app for that? How do I get my e-mail list from my computer into the tablet? Do the more expensive tablets have more features?

Noel, let’s address those questions one at a time.

1. Getting your e-mail list to your tablet should be simple for you. I see that you have Gmail from your e-mail address. You can download the Gmail app from the Google Play Store (if it’s not already on your tablet) and all of your contacts will be there for you to use when you sign in.

2. More expensive tablets do usually have nicer hardware. You’ll see better quality screens, faster processors and probably a sleeker shape. But as far as what they are able to do, a cheap Android tablet can run the same apps as an expensive one.  You should still be able to watch videos, play games and check your e-mail.  It’s much like a car. A $20,000 vehicle and a $60,000 vehicle will still get you where you need to go, though the $60,000 vehicle may do it with more style and more horsepower.

3. There could be several issues behind the video problem. When you say receive videos, I’m not sure if you mean download or stream.  If you are talking about watching a video online, I’d guess the issue is one of two things. 

You must be hooked up to a wireless connection to stream a video, so make sure they are connected to a stable high-speed connection. If it is only some videos that won’t play, it’s possible they are trying to watch videos that require Flash Player, which is not supported by new Android or any iPad tablet. The good news it that many sites also offer apps that don’t require Flash Player. If you are using an Android tablet, you’d go to the Google Play store to look for an app for site in question.  For an iPad, head to the iTunes store.

If they are attempting to download videos, there may not be enough room on the tablet for the videos. You may want to add an additional memory card if possible on your tablet. Or they could be attempting to play formats that aren’t compatible with the tablet.

I’d probably need more specific information on what types of videos they are trying to watch and with how they are trying to watch them to fully answer that question.

I hope these answers help.

~ Cynthia


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  1. So many things require this flash player. What is it? What makes it a requirement? And then Why don’t some units not support it beings it is a requirement?

  2. I was looking for a Kindle in Walmart to read books, and they did not sell Kindles but told me that a tablet could download and read books. Not knowing I would be looking at a tablet so not having done previous research, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Will I be able to buy books and download to this tablet?

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