Amazon Finally Reveals Fire Phone

Amazon finally lifted the curtain on its much-anticipated smartphone, the Fire Phone.  The $199 phone runs a customized version of Android and is only available with a contract from AT & T.  The phone features a camera with what Amazon calls Dynamic Perspective. It uses four specialized cameras with infrared LEDs that track the position of the user’s head and adjust the screen accordingly and Firefly, a feature that can identify web and email addresses, phone numbers, bar codes, music, movies and art. It also allows access to Amazon’s Mayday feature for instant video call customer support and free unlimited cloud storage of photos taken with the phone.

Amazon Prime members will be able to stream movies and access the Kindle Owners Lending Library and Amazon Prime Music from the phone.

Computer Screens Do More To Your Eyes Than Strain Them

A new study says that staring at computer monitors does more to your eyes than make them tired, it actually affects your tears. People who spent hours looking at monitors had low levels of a protein that helps keep the eye moist. In fact, many of them were close to the levels associated with dry eye disease.

It may be due to infrequent blinking associated with computer use or that people looking at screens tend to open their eyes wider. Doctors advised workers to make a point of blinking more often and staying out of the direct path of the air conditioner.

Apple’s Kill Switch Reduces Thefts

It looks like Apple’s anti-theft kill switch that was introduced in OS 7 is working. Police in London say iPhone robberies in the city fell 24% and officers in San Francisco report a whopping 38% decrease in stolen iPhones.  New York City reports a 29% drop. Lawmakers in several states are looking at legislation that require device makers to add theft-protection.

~ Cynthia