Jerome from Toledo writes:

My computer crashed and I lost my Word program.  I don’t have the CD to reload it and who knows where my key code is. I’ve tried and don’t like the free office stuff or Google docs. What’s the best deal I can get for  Microsoft Word ? Is there a way to get it on more than one computer? Right now I have my desktop with a new hard drive at home, but I spend weekends at my sister’s house watching her kids. There’s a desktop there as well, but no Word.

Jerome, since I noticed you have a Hotmail e-mail address, I’ve got good news for you. You can use Microsoft’s Office online at absolutely free and you’ve even got free cloud storage space for your documents. That’s especially handy if you’re moving between locations. Go to, log in with your HotMail account and click on OneDrive. Then choose Create and Word Document from the drop-down menu.

This online version of Word works much the same way as Word installed on your computer. You can choose to save your documents to OneDrive or to your computer.

~ Cynthia