Cloze lets you filter your social media and e-mail addresses into one platform where it puts the focus back on the connections that matter to you – like your friends and family. 

If you check out the About page you’ll find a video about Cloze. You’ll also find a great paragraph that explains what the site is about and how it works.

To register, click the Sign Up button, fill out the form with your name, e-mail address, and then create a password. The next step will be to link the app to your social networking accounts – your options are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once you’ve added the ones you want, click next. After that you’ll link your e-mail addresses. Then click Next again, and Cloze will take a moment to assess what’s important to you and send you an e-mail when it’s ready. 

Now that it’s ready, and you’ve activated your account, take the tour! It shows you how you can organize your friends and family, mute people you don’t want to hear from, cleans up the stuff you’ve already seen, and even save posts for later. 

I really like that it incorporates both my Facebook feed and messages! I’m still getting the hang of it, but so far I really like it. You’ll find the menu on with the button on the top left (the one with three lines) click it and it will open up. You can use the buttons in the center top of the page to navigate between your mail, social media, and teams. 

Why don’t you take it for spin and see if you like it?