Vicki from Alabama asks:

How do you get your bookmarks from your administrator account over to a standard acct? I have everything on my administrator account but when I set up a standard acct none of the games or other programs are there. How do I get them over to the standard acct?
Thanks for your help. I love this site.

Hi Vicki.

You would need to Export and Import your Favorites/Bookmarks file. The easiest way to then transfer from one account to the other would be to use a flash drive to save the file. As far as steps, that depends on your browser. Make sure you are logged into the Administrative account that has the bookmarks you want to export to begin.

Using Internet Explorer, go to File, Import and Export.

Choose export first, then hit next.

It will ask what you want to export. You can choose Favorites, Feeds, and Cookies, choose whatever you prefer to move over to the other account. Then it will show you your folder options. Choose the top Favorites folder to export all of your favorites from all folders.

Then, it will ask where you want to save the file. Browse to your flash drive and save it to there. After it has saved, log off of the Admin account, then log into your standard account. Go back to IE, File, Import and Export, then click Import. Follow the same steps, making sure you browse to the flash drive for where you want to Import from. (Older versions of IE may look different from the screen shots, but the process is similar.)

In Firefox, to go Bookmarks, Show all Bookmarks.

Then click Import and Backup, and select Backup.

Navigate to the flash drive, note the file name, and save the file there.

Log off and log in to your Standard account. Open up Firefox, follow the steps above, but click Restore and Choose file. Browse to your file and double click it.

On Chrome, go to the Menu, then click on Bookmarks, then Bookmark Manager.

Then click Organize, then Export Bookmarks to HTML file.

Browse to your flash drive, note the file name, and save. Log off and log in as the Standard account. Go to Google Chrome, click Menu, Bookmarks, Import Bookmarks and Settings.

Click the arrow by From and change it to Bookmarks HTML File, and click Choose File.

Navigate to your flash drive and click open. Then click Done.

Keep in mind you can also sync your bookmarks on Firefox with Firefox Sync and on Google Chrome by using a Google Account across all your devices.