This is a fun summer activity that you can do with your kids or grandkids, or if you’re a big kid at heart like me – by yourself.  What does it entail? Well you’re going to create your own virtual squid and release it into the virtual sea! 

Step One requires you to name your squid, I actually move onto step two, because if I don’t know what my squid will look like how can I assign it an appropriate name? If you want you can name your squid now. 

Step Two is where you’ll build your squid. You’ll select eyes, fins, mantle, head, arms, and tentacles for it from the the menu,  as well as what color they’ll be! You can either click whichever body part you want to work on, or use the next bodypart and previous bodypart buttons. 

Once you’ve created your squid and named it, click the continue to step three button.  There you’ll enter your e-mail address, select your location, and then click to release your squid.  Now you can play with your squid by using the mouse to drag it across the screen. 

Finished? Well you can always come back and see what adventures your squid has been up to while you’re away. When you come back it will tell you how old your squid is, how much it weighs, how far it has travelled, and what shenanigans it has been up to while you were away!