Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the multitude of photos you have to edit sometimes? Let’s say you just came back from a nice trip and you have dozens of great photos you want to edit, print and add to your family album. What should you do? I’m sure you don’t want to spend hours and hours until you edit each and every one of them manually. Well, Photoshop has an amazing feature that lets you edit multiple photos at once! You’ll finish editing all of them in just a few minutes or even seconds! 

In this easy Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create Actions and how to apply them to multiple photos at once. The Batch tool will save you precious time while editing photos! 

How to Record an Action

Create a New Action. Click on Window > Actions. Select the New Action button. A pop-up window will appear. Name the action you want to create and click Record. Every action you perform from this moment on will be recorded. You can set up brightness and contrast levels, vibrance, desaturate, add filters or any other actions you want. When you are finished press the Stop button to end the Action. Now every time you want to apply the set of actions to a photo, you just have to select the action you created from the list and click the Play button.

create new action

create new action 2

I will use a pre-made Action Set which creates a magical photo filter effect on the chosen photo. The great thing about actions is that you can also find some very good free Photoshop actions on the web. Just search, download and install! 

You can install downloaded Photoshop actions by selecting Load Actions from the Actions panel. Go to the folder you keep the actions in and select the ones you want to load in Photoshop. You will be able to use them just as you would use any other actions you created. 

load actions

How to Create a Batch

Click on File > Automate > Batch. Adjust the settings from the pop-up window. Select the Action or Set of Actions you want to apply. 


You can choose to apply the Batch feature to the photos you already opened in Photoshop, or to a specific folder on your computer where you keep the photos you want to edit. 

Set the Source (Folder or already opened photos in Photoshop) and Destination (Choose from None, Save and Close and Folder) options and click OK. 

batch options

Let the Batch process run until it finishes editing your photos. 

~Ruxandra Micu