Mark from Hurricane, WV writes:

I’m a long time reader of your newsletter in which you have provided a lot of nice tips. I had just finish reading your article on the 5 different free office programs you can get. My question is I’m running Microsoft Office and Student 2007 on my Hp Pavilion G6 with 8.1 but on my Android phone it can with Kingsoft office on it. Are the 2 compatible i.e. I can write a letter on one program and open it up with the other?

Yes, Mark, you should be able to share files between the two programs. Kingsoft for Andoid which is now known as WPS Office can read DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files. There could be issues opening earlier versions of Word, but 2007 files are saved in the DOCX files and should be compatible. You should be able to create, view, edit and save word documents.  If you’re working with a cloud storage account like OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox, you can save the changes to your master document and they should look fairly similar.

Kingsoft Office for Android features Writer – A word processing app withe rich text editing capabilities and lots of options for creating documents that will allow you to cloud print and sync to Evernote.

It also has an Excel compatible program called Spreadsheets that supports xls, xlsx, csv, xlt, xltx, et, ett and pdf files. You can make charts, do calculations and also cloud print. Plus document encryption is available.

Presentation is a feature very similar to PowerPoint that allows you to create and view presentations. It’s a nice little office suite and  you should easily be able to share documents between your devices.

 ~ Cynthia