Jeanne from Louisiana writes:

I need a good inexpensive software for making tickets for a raffle my group is doing. I would prefer something that would let my use the text and photos I already have for fliers in Word 2013.

Since you already have Word 2013, I’d suggest clicking on New and then typing tickets in the search box. There’s a template for Raffle tickets available.  They are designed to work with Avery 8371 perforated paper.

You can customize the tickets by adding your own text.

You also have options to adjust the font and color.

Although if you’re printing a lot of tickets, it can be expensive due to the cost of ink. A better idea might be to contact a local printer who will probably have several ticket template options available for you to use. 

Online sights like can print tickets for you or let you design your own with online software. 

You might also want to consider Their Standard Edition is only $14.95 and comes with a license to print up to 1,000 tickets and it works with any edition of Microsoft Word.  You have the option to print tickets yourself, send them to someone else or have it printed by a professional.

If you’re using Internet Explorer for a browser, you could try  Once you’re at the site click on Start Raffle Printer.

Then a window will open allowing you to design a basic raffle ticket.

The program will allow you to add images, text, a cover for the raffle tickets and to choose how many books of raffle you wish to print and how many tickets per book.

But if you need a large number of tickets, your best bet may be letting a pro do the work.

~ Cynthia