I told you about BeFunky, the free online photo editing program you can use on your PC or as an Android or iPhone app. In this article, we’ll look at Collage Maker. If you aren’t familiar with BeFunky, you’ll want to go back and read the articles where I introduced you to how it works.

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To get started making a collage, go to befunky.com and choose the Collage Maker tab on the left side of the page.

Click the photo icon to add the photos you want to use in your  collage. Click Add Photos and choose files from your computer.

The Collage and Card icon allows you to choose from features collages and cards including holidays, birthdays and occasions like a baby shower. We’ll learn how to make cards in another article.

Once I pick a shape for the collage, I’ll click the photo icon ad start dragging the photos over to arrange the way I like.

You can also choose Auto Fill at the top and BeFunky will fill in the spots for you.

If you aren’t happy with the placement, you can just drag and drop the images inside the collage until you get things looking the way you want.

You can save or print your collage if you are happy with the look of things or you can click edit to use any of the programs tools to touch up your collage.

Clicking the adjustment icon will let you change things like the spacing, corner rounding, size and background of your collage.

Here’s the same collage with the spacing, color and edges changed.

The Texture button allow you to add a textured background to your collage. You’ll have choices from Retro to floral to fabric.

Here’s our collage with a textured background.

Choosing text will allow you to add a caption. You can choose between BeFunky Fonts and the type styles you have on your computer.

Click on the collage to start typing your text.

Make adjustments to the color and style of your font in the text window.

Adjust the size and angle of your text by grabbing the handles.

The Featured Goodies icon will let you add stamps, thought bubbles and other fun items to jazz things up a little, if you like.

This would be great for creating a scrapbook page and it fun for both kids and adults to play with.  Give it a try.

~ Cynthia