Since my friend shared this site with me, I’ve been a daily visitor. She got hooked on it when she was doing research for her phone upgrade. I’m hooked because there’s just so much to check out and I love gadgets.

On the main page you’ll find a selection of featured articles, and if you scroll past those you’ll find the most recent articles, there’s a new one posted daily (which is why I check in everyday to see what’s new). 

Along the top of the page you’ll find a navigation strip with the categories: Reviews, Features, Guides, Videos, Galleries, Forums, and Events. Along with a handy dandy search field that will let you search the site by keyword.

You’ll find another selection of featured stories along the right side of the page. 

I really loved the article on littleBits and whether they can let people experience DIY engineering. I also really adore that each entry is equipped with buttons that allow you to share it over your favorite social media making it easy to share cool articles and product reviews with your friends and family. 

Go check it out today!