XP Share Dips Below 25%

Windows XP can still be found on just under 25% of computers accessing the Internet, according to NetMarketShare.  That’s down from just under 40% in July of 2013. 

Security support for the XP ended back in April and users have been slow to let go.  Windows 7 is the most popular operating system, found on 51% of PCs followed by Windows 8/8.1 with just under 14%. Windows Vista rounds it out with 3% of the share.  All version of Mac operating systems combined are found on just under 7% of computers while Linux is the operating system of choice for 1.68% of computers.

Russian Crooks Have Over 1 Billion Stolen Passwords

New research says more than a billion Internet passwords are in the hands of a Russian crime ring. The hackers also have 500 million e-mail addresses.  According to the data discovered by a firm called Hold Security, the targets include everyone from big companies to small websites.

Eastern European hackers were behind Target’s big data  breech late last year. The thieves seem to have accessed info on more than 4 billion (yes, I said billion) accounts. As always, monitor your bank and credit card accounts carefully and keep an eye out for any and all suspicious activity.

Pope To Young: Put Down Your Smartphone!

Pope Francis wants young people to put down their smartphones and go outside and play. Well, not exactly, but the Pontiff reminded people in a speech to some young altar servers that technology should simply and improve your life, but not distract you from what is really important. 

The Pope is certainly not down on technology, he’s called the Internet a gift from God.  Francis said, “Our life is made up of time, and time is a gift from God, so it is important that it be used in good and fruitful actions.”

So maybe it’s time to cut back on the selfies and do a little volunteer work.

~ Cynthia