John from Chesapeake, VA writes:

Every time I open Internet Explorer it opens to as the home page along with my chosen page, I’ve tried everything to remove this as a home page but it always comes back. Has this page implanted itself in my registry? How do I get rid of it for good as a home page?

John, iPlay is one of the toolbars that can sometimes attach itself to other downloads.  It could happen if you installed an iPlay game or might have piggybacked on legitimate update.  You can remove it, but it is quite a process.

Click here for an article that explains how to remove a similar toolbar and search page called Eazel Search. The method is the same, but you’ll be looking for iPlay instead of Eazel. This process will work for removing any unwanted search page.

You can also check out this article that explains how those hijackers get on your computer and how to avoid them. 

~ Cynthia