Samuel from Westland, Michigan writes:

HELP! something happened on my Tablet and I lost my SETTINGS, (IM 82YRS YOUNG) is their any way to get it back, cause I can’t make any changes in my Wi Fi setting or other settings when I need to .

Samuel, I promise you that your settings are still there on your tablet. You can’t delete them, those controls are part of the operating system. Sounds like you might have lost your shortcut from the homescreen, but we can take care of that in a few seconds.

Tap the icon for your App Drawer. It looks like a little square of squares.


Find Settings among your apps.


Press and hold Settings. The screen will become smaller and the icon for Settings transparent.

Now you can drag the Settings icon back to your home page and release.


Your Settings are not front and center.


You can access settings on some models of tablets just by tapping the menu button on the homescreen.

~ Cynthia