In response to our article “How Do I Get To The Second Layer On My iPad Keyboard?”, Seymour writes:

Your iPad tips (and the others too!) are much appreciated. I’m an early adopter (i.e. iPad 1) but still loving it.

Question: how do I delete the character to the right of the cursor?
Backspace deletes to the left.
In BlackBerry land, Alt/Backspace deletes to the right.

does iPad have that facility? which would be so much quicker/easier than manually moving the cursor . . . .

Hi Seymour,

Unfortunately, the built in keyboard on an iPad does not have a delete function, as opposed to backspace. You would have to move your cursor to where you need to delete than use the backspace (x) to erase. You can make it easier to move your cursor where you’d like it by using the magnify function, by doing a long press. Then you can use the backspace key to erase whatever you need to remove.

~ Audra