Microsoft is cleaning house in a big way. The tech giant tossed more than 1500 apps it considered misleading out of the Windows Store.

Microsoft has drawn criticism for its app selection, especially compared to the Google Play and Apple Store which offer more than 1 million apps each while the Windows store offers around 400,000. In the rush to keep up with competitors, it looks like Microsoft may have been a little careless about the apps it allowed into its store.

In a recent article reported there were more than a dozen clones to the popular VLC Media Player app.  Many of these clones carry Adware while some trick the user into paying for an app they could download for free.

According to a blog¬† post from the company, “Every app store finds its own balance between app quality and choice, which in turn opens the door to people trying to game the system with misleading titles or descriptions.”

Misleading apps can fall into several categories. Some may have misleading names that don’t accurately reflect what the app does. Other apps may be placed in the wrong category or use a logo that looks suspiciously similar to another popular app.

The company tightened up its rules for the store and they say that most developers were willing to make any necessary changes when they were notified of issues, but the ones who weren’t willing to follow the rules were given the boot from the app store.

Microsoft says it will refund the purchase price of any deceptive app. The company is also encouraging users with concerns to e-mail to let them know if an app in the Windows doesn’t seem to be legitimate.

If you aren’t sure if an app is the real thing, your best bet is to go to the website for that app and look for a link to the Android, iOS or Windows version of the app. Clicking on that link should take you to the right app in the app store.

~ Cynthia