Microsoft is encouraging cameraphone users to back up their images to their OneDrive cloud storage accounts. Users get 15GB of storage for free, but the company has to hope that once you get in the habit of backing up those photos, you’ll keep doing it. Maybe one day down the road leading you to buy some extra storage.

Backing up your photos to the cloud regularly is a great way to make sure all of your photos aren’t lost if your phone is lost, stolen or dropped into some water. With so many of us using our phone as our primary camera, we often forget to transfer those photos somewhere for safekeeping.

Apple already offers iPhoto backup to the iCloud, so getting users of iPhones and iPads to go with OneDrive might be difficult and Microsoft is making some changes to woo them. Managing your photos in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage app on your iPhone and iPad just got a little easier thanks to a new update. Users can now search for photos, just by swiping down from the top and entering a keyword in the search box.

Users will also have an All Photos view option that brings all of the images they have saved on OneDrive in one convenient place. These photos are grouped together and organized by date.

It’s also where you can check the status of your recent camera backup.

You can download OneDrive for iPhones and iPads in the iTunes store.  To learn more about OneDrive click here.

~ Cynthia