Remove Mac Password Prompts After Sleep or Screensavers

Raymond from Lake Worth, FL writes:

I have a MacBook Pro running Mavericks. Every time I leave the computer running for a long period of time, the computer puts itself to sleep and to wake it up I have to put in the Administrator password and wait for the computer to boot up again. Before I upgraded to Mavericks, I did not have this problem. Is there a way to have the computer go to sleep and just wake up when I hit any key as before?

Apple, like a lot of companies these days, is increasingly concerned about the security of their users. Requiring a password to resume from sleep is just one example of that. However, the more secure a device is, the more inconvenient it is, so it is good to know how to disable certain features when you are in a trusted environment like your own home. So, here’s how to remove the password prompt when you wake your Mac from its slumber!

1. Click the Apple in the top left-hand corner of your screen, and click System Preferences.

system preferences

2. Under Personal, click Security and Privacy

security and privacy

3. On the General tab, uncheck the box that says “Require password…after sleep or screen saver begins”

uncheck require password

4. Close System Preferences.

5. Test out your new settings by closing the lid of your Macbook for a few seconds, then opening it up again, or by clicking the Apple logo in the top left-hand corner for your screen and selecting Sleep.


Now you should be able to quickly wake your Mac up with a tap on the keyboard, just like before.

~ Jonathan

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