Samar writes:

With all the complaints about the end of XP support and the way people seem to hate Windows 8, is anyone still using Windows? Or have they wised up and switched to Mac or even better, a completely customizable Linux system.

The short answer to that is no.

According to Net Applications most recent survey, 50% of all computers across the world are using Windows 7.  Around 24% of users still have Windows XP, despite the end of support  from Microsoft back in April, Around 6% have Windows 8 and 7% have Windows 8.1.  Windows Vista is still on about 3% of systems.

Mac OS X can be found on only 4% of systems. In fact, all of the versions of the Mac OS system total account for less than 7% of computers. True, it’s a very loyal audience, but it is not a large one. Part of that is due to the fact than Mac computers haven’t made much of an inroad in business. Mac computers also tend to be quite expensive compared to PCs.

As for Linux, the free operating system has loyal followers who sing its praises, but so far it’s only found on less than 2% of operating systems.

The PC market is shrinking, but users are switching to Mac or Linux, they’re going mobile with tablets and smartphones. The smartphone playing field is about even. 44% of users with iPhones and 45% with Android.

Despite all the complaining about Windows, it is still the dominant operating system, accounting for 90% of operating systems in use.

~ Cynthia