iCloud Breach Blamed For Embarrassing Photo Leaks

A breach in Apple’s iCloud was behind the recent publication of nude photos of several celebrities.  The shots were posted online by hackers and included are private photos of Kate Upton and actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Some believe it was possible because of a flaw in Apple’s Find My Phone feature.  Lawrrence’s reps issued this statement, “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.”

Among others targeted by the hack were actresses Kirsten Dunst and pop singer Ariana Grande.  Dunst tweeted “Thank you iCloud” in response the incident.

The FBI is looking into the data breach and Apple says they are actively investigating it as well.Apples said they are fixing some flaws in their cloud service, but stressed that this was the result of directed attacks at the celebrity accounts and not a widespread attack on iCloud users.

 Pono Music Player Delayed Again

It was supposed to be the music player that changed everything. The Pono player was backed by rock legend Neil Young and promised “lossless” high resolution music that would blow the compressed sounds of MP3s out of the water. Over $6 million was raised in a Kickstarter campaign with an additional $7 million on Crowdfunder.

The players were originally supposed to be out in 2013, but that was pushed to 2014 and that date has once again been moved to the beginning of 2015. That means people who shelled out hundreds of dollars to this supposedly revolutionary player are still waiting for a device.

Microsoft Dropping File Size Limit For OneDrive

Microsoft has quietly dropped the 2GB file size limit for its OneDrive cloud storage account. The roll out started in late August and  is happening gradually. Microsoft currently offers 15 GB of free storage with an Outlook.com account and a TB of storage if you subscribe to Office 365.